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Video: Sustainable Futures – Communities in Action

Sustainable Futures – Communities in Action, a documentary produced by the Community Conservation Research Network, premiered in early June, 2020. The film brings together communities from around the world who are tackling some of the biggest global challenges… the climate, the environment, and how to sustain economies and livelihoods. The actions these communities are taking, the solutions they are finding, can inspire a way forward for all of us.

Around the world, there are threats to the environment, which affect our society and our economy. These threats range from damage to ecosystems, to water and air pollution, to collapse of natural resources, through to the greatest of all, climate change. These threats all pose risks to the livelihoods of people and communities. These are big threats, and they often require big responses, even at a global scale… but at the same time, there is much that can be done at a smaller, local scale. Communities can successfully respond to environmental and livelihood threats through conservation and stewardship action – to maintain and improve the environment, and as a result, to support sustainable local economies.

This film provides a way to explore the “power of community” in conserving the environment and sustaining the economy, drawing on four inspiring examples from around the globe, showing communities taking action.

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