community livelihoods and COVID19

COVID19, Community Livelihoods and Sustainable Wildlife Trade

In the COVID19, Community Livelihoods and a Sustainable Wildlife Trade This in-depth feature, by writer Wendee Nicole was published by Ensia, a media outlet of University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment, focuses on alternative ways to meet communities' basic needs and secure community livelihoods in the face of COVID19.The article quotes @dilysroe on wet market ban undermining food...
community centred conservation

Video: Botswana and Community Centered Conservation

Video: Botswana and Community Centered Conservation 40% of Botswana’s land has been set aside for conservation.The President of Botswana, H.E. Mokgweetsi Masisi, has made it patently clear that the sustainable use of natural resources will be the centerpiece of his government’s environmental policy.He believes that unless rural communities are allowed to benefit meaningfully from the wildlife...
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