African conservation

Bold leadership required for conservation in Southern Africa

Bold leadership required for conservation in Southern Africa by Steve Johnson​ How long must this go on! Those involved in community-based natural resources management or CBNRM, have continued their mantra of the need for devolution of rights over land and natural resources for more than 30 years, with no change! It seems like we are going nowhere despite all our efforts in this direction.Way...
save the sepik human rights

Human rights, heritage and habitats threatened by the Frieda River Mining Project in Papua New Guinea

Human rights, heritage and habitats threatened by the Frieda River Mining Project in Papua New Guinea "Plan for largest mine in Papua New Guinea history 'appears to disregard human rights', UN says" is the headline for an article in The Guardian on October 7, 2020. "The plan for the largest mine in Papua New Guinea’s history carries a risk of catastrophic loss of life and environmental...

Declaration: Voices of the Communities: A New Deal for rural communities and wildlife and natural resources

In June, 2019, at  Africa’s Wildlife Economy Summit, hosted by the African Union and United Nations Environment Programme in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, community representatives called on African Governments, the private sector and international organizations issued a Declaration in which they called for a New Deal that recognizes the integral role of communities in the ownership, management...
sustainable futures

Video: Sustainable Futures – Communities in Action

"Sustainable Futures - Communities in Action", a documentary produced by the Community Conservation Research Network, premiered in early June, 2020. The film brings together communities from around the world who are tackling some of the biggest global challenges… the climate, the environment, and how to sustain economies and livelihoods. The actions these communities are taking, the solutions...

The Dangers of Extrapolation – Hunting Revenues and Local Communities – CIC. 10-2019

Extract:  The term ‘fake news’ has become popularized over the last few years. The term refers to information, usually presented as ‘news’ that has no basis in fact but is presented as being factually accurate in a deliberate attempt to spread misinformation for propaganda purposes. Hunting is often on the receiving end of this approach to ‘news’. It is increasingly evident that this...
trophy hunting

The Elephant Debate: upholding democracy, human rights and conservation

This article by Masego Madzwamuse and Liz Rihoy, was published 01 March 2019 in mmegi - an online and weekly print English language newspaper in Botswana. It is part of a number of opinion pieces on the Elephant Debate. For decades Botswana has maintained an enviable international reputation as an ‘African miracle’ due in large part to its robust democracy, sound governance systems and...
Namibian wildlife conservation

Competing conservation ideologies: Troubled times for reporting on Namibian wildlife

By Liz Rihoy and Malan Lindeque  •  Op-ed The Daily Maverick 14 April 2019 Two competing ideological narratives have emerged in African wildlife conservation. The one is based on so- called ‘compassionate conservation’, aligned with the mostly Western animal rights movement, the other based on the human rights of the owners of the wildlife, the local people who live with wild animals. In...
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