The Impacts of Conservation and Militarization on Indigenous Peoples: A Southern African San Perspective – Human Nature Robert K. Hitchcock 2019-03

sustainable use

Sustainable Use: A Selection of Research Papers and Reports 2019

Resource Africa is a key repository for and a 'go to' resource portal for information on regional CBRNM and sustainable use information. In collaboration with partner organizations, such as  The Community-Based Natural Resource Management  Network our website serves as an open access archive of current relevant published materials that affect CBNRM globally. Please go to links below to read...
conservation in Africa

Linking Conversation and Conservation in Africa by Sauleja Rajak

Linking Conversation and Conservation in Africa by Sauleha Rajak Conservation comes with deep interconnections between human rights and nature preservation. The rights of animals over the rights of humans or the rights of humans overs the rights of animals? How do we strike a balance? What does it mean to act fairly and morally? Conservation aims to protect our ecosystems, our planet - but at...
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