trophy hunting

The IUCN and trophy hunting – a response to the “ethics” attack on hunting

A response in African Sustainable Conservation News dated October 9, 2019 to a published piece on the IUCN website on September 27, 2020 – “Compatibility of Trophy Hunting as a Form of Sustainable Use with IUCN’s Objectives – describes it as a “disingenuous portrayal of IUCN objectives and regulations. The authors’ bias is exposed by the complete misuse of “Ethics” as a premise, incorrect definition of terms, manipulation of language, and use of interpretation in place of enumeration. These occur too many times to be mistaken for ignorance. The entire paper is a Texas Sharpshooter fallacy.

“If you are going to “clarify the ethical acceptability of trophy hunting,” you must first define your ethics. The authors never take any normative stance. The authors also never define Trophy Hunting. They never define what the IUCN’s ethics are or should be. Section by section let’s dissect this.” Read more here

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