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Transforming African conservation from old social cause into next-gen growth market

On the surface it would seem that time is running short for African wildlife, but one Ghanaian entrepreneur sees conservation as one of the great opportunities for Africa, reports Rhett Butler/ Mongabay  September 3, 2019.

Extract: Africa’s conservation challenges are daunting: Fred Swaniker, the founder and CEO of the African Leadership Group, has won accolades for his efforts to transform higher education in Africa. One of his latest ventures is African Leadership University’s School of Wildlife Conservation, which aims to help Africans use their knowledge, experience and big ideas to “own and drive” the conservation agenda in Africa. Ahead of ALU’s Business of Conservation Conference taking place Sept. 8-9 in Kigali, Rwanda, Swaniker spoke with Mongabay about equipping conservation leaders with business, managerial and leadership skills “to transform a generations-old social cause into a next-generation high-growth market.”

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