COVID-19: wildlife trade and communities: a selection of recently published articles

We are sharing some links to recent COVID-19 related news articles and papers recommended in the IUCN SULi Digest March and April 2020 Edition. Some of these articles also appear as blogs on our blog page Wildlife trade and trade bans Despite COVID-19, using wild species may still be the best way to save them by Dilys Roe Wildlife trade: Regulated markets involving local communities,...
mexico wildlife coronavirus

Wildlife trade in Mexico, conservation, and pandemics

As Mexico reels from the coronavirus (COVID-19) economic devastation and public health disaster, Vanda Felbab-Brown writes in a recently published article in, it also needs to rethink its relationship with nature. To prevent another zoogenic pandemic, it is crucial to preserve natural habitats; carefully monitor legal trade in wildlife; eliminate transmission points where the...
coronavirus and snakes

Snakes make good food. Banning farms won’t help the fight against coronavirus

Originally published in The Conversation  authored by Daniel Natusch, Macquarie University; Graham Alexander, University of the Witwatersrand; Ngo Van Tri, and Patrick Aust, University of Oxford The wildlife trade has long been closely linked to disease outbreaks. It has been implicated in the SARS epidemic of 2002, Ebola in 2013 and now in the COVID-19 coronavirus. In response to the COVID-19...
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