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News, opinion pieces and statements authored by Resource Africa, Community Leaders Network members, and guest contributors, from whom we welcome hosts fresh ideas and new perspectives on topical issues in conservation, rights, and development in Southern Africa.

The views in the guest author posts are the authors’ own and do not necessarily represent those of Resource Africa

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Media coverage about  sustainable use, CBNRM, rural community rights and livelihoods, COVID-19 impacts, conservation models in the face of threats to wildlife populations in Africa.  This content is intended to inform, to introduce new ideas and approaches and contribute to constructive debate about these issues.

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Resource Africa offers a comprehensive resource portal on the Research & Resources page for original research, relevant journal articles, book reviews, reports, news articles and periodicals. In collaboration with partner organizations, such as The Community-Based Natural Resource Management  Network, our website serves as an open access archive of current relevant published materials that deal with sustainable use, CBNRM, rights-based conservation.

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A newsletter about southern African CBNRM rural communities and their advocacy for sustainable natural resource use rights to be prioritized on the global conservation agenda.

In this issue we launch the Let Africans Decide video, showcasing the substantial impact the Community Leaders Network (CLN) is making on raising awareness of Community Based Natural Resources Management (CBNRM), introduce you to the revamped Resource Africa website and logo, and share news and resources on sustainable use, rights, and community conservation

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Our right to sustainably use our wildlife for the benefit of our communities and conservation

Millions of hectares of land across Southern and East Africa are managed by rural communities to conserve their natural resources and support their rural development goals. For centuries, African people have been custodians of nature – living with and caring for wildlife. Today, their right to control, manage and sustainably use their natural resources, including wildlife, for their benefit, is enshrined in national legislation and international treaties…