Ruaha Carnivore Project

Science + Celebrities: A Call for Partnership

Science + Celebrities: A Call for Partnership by Dr. Amy Dickman

This guest post was published on March 12, 2021 by Science + Story.  Introducing the post, Bob Lalasz, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Science+Story, wrote:

Dr. Amy Dickman is a conservation biologist and National Geographic Explorer who directs the Ruaha Carnivore Project  and is also joint CEO of Lion Landscapes, a Kenya-based independent non-profit conservation research org that increases the capacity of local partners to secure viable populations of lions

Amy wrote this gracious and moving essay in response to my recent post taking her and other scientists to task for not engaging more with UK celebrities who have supported campaigns critical of trophy hunting in Africa, despite that activity’s demonstrated benefits for wildlife conservation. I’m honored to publish it here, and ask that you share it with your networks. –Bob Lalasz 

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